RMOZONE develops media interfaces that enhance human perceptual and expressive capabilities.
software to navigate and distribute video archives

montage interdit, videovortex9, chewing, livezoom, hilbert, spill, metric feedback, a little more stable, compression, ...

forced-aligner precisely connecting audio and transcripts

gentle, polterlat, push-to-talk, sfx, first-territory, earmark, live-narration, her story story, butt-lex, ...

web/encyclopedia interface for scholars

hyperopia-thing, ibraaz, desert journalism, cmu orientation, transpedia, climate-skim, looseleaf-chavez, pdf-to-cognition, ...

Screen Dreams
flexible spreadsheet-inspired media database

zkm, xl3d, animated history, ...

RMOZONE extends the research and correspondence of Robert M Ochshorn (previously affiliated with MIT/Harvard - Interrogative Design Group, Jan van Eyck Academie, Akademie Schloss Solitude, SAP Labs - Communications Design Group, Viewpoints Research Institute, and the YCombinator Research - Human Advancement Research Community).