Hyperopia, your free encyclopedia memex thing

A 2012 edition of Wikipedia for the CDG.

Hyperopia is a device based on the transitive principle that Reading is Writing and that if the whole is comprised of parts then the parts should stay connected to the whole: look at something closely enough and the truth of the universe is manifest in its every detail.

The book hosts a wifi network, which redirects all web traffic to its internally-held contents. Any website a user on the network attempts to reach will redirect to the book's UI, where they can create a new associative thread, or resume with an existing one. If multiple people are connected to the book at the same time, they can share a drift together. Links open inline and persist in a sidebar along with any text that is selected; the sidebar can be printed from the book as a receipt. In addition to displaying the contents of Wikipedia, pages can be augmented with wikitext and attachments that will stick to the page.

Inspirations trace by way of the author's InterLace video studies back through the Memex, Project Xanadu, and The Wikireader, weaving around Hypertext, wikis, the World Wide Web, and with the deepest respects paid to Infogami.
And of course the project is uniquely enabled by Wikipedia.

Source code

UI demo